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Former Basketball Wives Star Eric Williams

In ‘The Caribbean Heist’

Just when you thought that reality TV couldn’t leverage itself into other avenues, we now have a clip that is sure to make you head to the next Basketball Wives casting call.

What happens when you take a bunch of hot, gorgeous, incredibly sexy women and place them in a plot that resembles Set It Off? The answer: 2013’s Caribbean Heist.

This motion picture finds five women who move to Miami Beach in search of the high life, great times and, eventually, fast cash. After realizing that the fast life is the road to riches, the tantalizing tandem team up to rob rich men in their own homes for millions of dollars.

The struggling economy makes life difficult for these dazzling dames, so with the risks quantifying the rewards, the ladies decide that robbing the rich to make themselves rich is an endeavor worth pursuing. The film stars Lindsay Washburn, Christa Graziano, Caroline Schwitzky, Keriyani, Nancy Sayegh and VH1’s own Basketball Wives (or should we say ‘Hubby’), Eric Williams.

Former NBA star and VH1 reality star Eric Williams has been bitten by the acting bug.

Ex-wife Jennifer Williams once scoffed at the notion that Eric wanted to do films, but it looks like he made his dream a reality. Eric is one of the stars of the forthcoming film, The Caribbean Heist. Fans of the hit reality show will remember that  Eric Williams was trying to recruit former cast member Royce Reed and current star Suzie Ketcham for roles in the film. And from the looks of it, he was ultimately unsuccessful, but the film went on as planned and it’s about to be released.


Movie synopsis:

‘The film is about 5 women who move to Miami for a better life then team up to rob rich men in their own homes for millions of dollars.

The film stars Lindsay Washburn as NADIA, Christa Graziano as AVA, Caroline Schwitzky as LOUISA, Keriyani as KEISHA, and Nancy Sayegh as ROSE. The film also stars Eric Williams from VH1 hit show “Basketball Wives”.’

New Film: “The Caribbean Heist


If you aren’t much into the NBA, you would most likely recognize Eric Williams from VH1’s “Basketball Wives.” While he’s taken quite a beating from his portrayal on the show, Eric says “I wasn’t a [cast member] on Basketball Wives, so when I came on I made guest appearances, and what you saw of me was real. When I came to the table with my passion, everything I said was real, and you could never get that from a script.”The 6’8” forward is now taking on a new reality show challenge. “Generation Next” will feature Williams and his son, along with several other fathers and sons and one mentor and teen who are ready to show the world how to deal with issues young African American males struggle with today.Williams says he decided to participate in the show because he is a product of the mentoring of the show’s creator, Ernest Ruffin, Jr. Ruffin mentored Williams more than 20 years ago, and Williams credits him with being the positive influence he needed while growing up in the projects of Newark, NJ.Revealing something that he rarely discusses, Williams said, “In my junior year of college, I got poked in my left eye. My central vision is gray, like a big gray spot. I eluded all of the eye doctors in the NBA and hustled my way through.” Ruffin was there to support him every step of the way.By publicly displaying his relationship with his son, Williams is hoping the show will serve as a “blueprint or format for single fathers,” who are struggling to raise young men in a world filled with “guns and bullets.”“I thought we should do something to bring out the importance of fathers being in their lives and, in the absence of fathers, the role a mentor plays.”As the father of a teenaged son, Williams has had to serve as mother and father since Eric Williams, Jr., lost his mother at the age of 9 years old. “I have to play a lot of roles, so I can understand him on all the levels, mentally, that he’s going through.”ECSMG, the show’s production company, is currently in talks to feature the series on –suncera johnson

Eric Williams To Star In Male-Based Reality

Show, ‘Generation Next’

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